In 1958, sixteen psychologists collaborated to form the Essex County Society of Clinical Psychologists in Private Practice. This long title was soon abbreviated to “Triple P.”

In 1981, the organization was renamed The Essex County Psychological Association. However, membership grew to include surrounding locations, including Union, Morris, Middlesex, and Somerset Counties, requiring yet another name change to the Society of Psychologists in Private Practice (“S Triple P”).

By 2007, with the formation of regional affiliate groups throughout the state, our membership continued to draw upon psychologists primarily in the two original counties, Essex and Union. With membership expansion that now includes associate and student members, as well as those working in agencies or schools, the organization was renamed the Essex-Union County Association of Psychologists (EUCAP).

Current Officers & Members of the Executive Board


Susan Cohen Esquilin, Ph.D., ABPP-Clinical

Past President

Lucy Sant’Anna Takagi, PhD


Sara Parikh, PhD


Sandra Ackerman Sinclair PhD

Membership Chair

Kelly Zanetich, PhD

Program Co-chair

Monica Indart, PsyD

Program Co-Chairs

Susan Parente, PsyD

Continuing Education Coordinator

Jackie Mesnick, PhD

Board Member at Large

Mark Lowenthal, PsyD

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